7 Best Tips to Rank Your Website in Google Search

Rank in Google (SEO)

To rank a website in Google search is the most important part for a website owner.If you are running a business website for selling products or offering any services or a blog where you share your thoughts & tutorialsthen rank your website in google search result is a must thing

There are a huge number of web owners & they are looking for an exact way to rank their site to google search engine. Therefore,A high ranked website gets more views. Google will show your site in the top if you make your site SEO friendly. Adding a website in google isn't enough for rank a website. You must do a lot of things with your website to show your webite in the top result of Google.

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1. Add Focused Keyword in Your Title & Post.

Keyword is what people search in google search result. You must need to do good keyword research for your website.Keyword is the main part of SEO.Your Focused Keyword must be included in your post title and post body. You must be tricky on using keywords .Google mostly index first 3 words & last 3 words of a post title.However,Don't forget to use your keyword in h1 section.

Remember,Don't use your focused keyword more than 4-5 times in the post. Google don't like using focused keyword in several times.

2. Content Length

Content length is a must thing for a post SEO.Google usually rank a post by quality content and there is no doubt, for a quality content,length plays the most important roles.You must add at least 600 words in your post. Basically, More words means More keywords!

3. Backlinks

If you are a website owner, you must heard of backlinks. There was a time, when backlinks subjected to the no 1 metric to rank a website. But google has updated it's metrics. They are now giving more priority to the content quality now. But,don't think there are no value of making backlinks for your website. Backlink plays a great role to rank your website in google & also helps you to get traffic from other resources. As I said,You need to make quality backlinks for your website. Because, bad backlinks may harm your search rank. You can check your site backlinks from here.

4. Page Loading Duration

You must reduce the page loading time of your site.It is also a SEO indicator in google search result. Google bot will rank you down if your page loading duration is so long. The standard page loading time is 3-4 seconds. If your site pages take more than 4 seconds to load,then you are in risk to lose your search engine position. Page loading depends on the things you added in your website. Unused CSS,more error pages,excess scripts on your pages cause slow page loading. You must fixed these things to reduce loading time of your website.

Here is my favourite speed checker for my website:

5. Avoiding Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a killer for your website rank. There was a time when people used duplicate content to rank their website.It's a part of black hat SEO. But, now, Google is using Artificial Intelligence.You can't use duplicate content for rank your site. On the other hand, it takes your site in a down position.

Check if your post contains duplicate content or not:

6.Perfect Image Optimization

You can get enough traffic from image optimization. You must take a look at image optimization in your website/blog post.Image alt should be added while uploading an image.Google also index more if you use a perfect image name with post title. Image optimization will give you lots of free traffic in your website.

7. Use Inbound & Outbound links

Most of the time content writer don't want to add Outbound Link on their website. But, It's too important to add both inbound links & outbound links to your blog post. Google bot likes those sites where outbound links & inbound links are added. Inbound link helps you to do On Page SEO in your site.

There are more SEO things to do for rank your website in google search result.But these 7 SEO things are must for rank website in search result.I think, it will help you to do SEO for your website.

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