Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019

Pubg vs COC Who is best in 2019?

Well, First of all, I wanna mention that I’m both COC & PUBG lover. So,I don’t wanna criticise any of them.This is a discussion on COC ‘s popularity in 2019 & my personal views on PUBG vs COC.


Clash of Clan is known to us as COC & it’s a game developed by Supercell company.It was released for IOS on August 2, 2012 & for Android on October 7. It was the most downloaded strategy game & addictive in the year of 2012-2017.And I’m writing this post in 2018. 
Let’s see,  Is COC a really dead game in 2018? 

Well, let me talk about that,I had heard that “COC is loosing its popularity” in 2015. But, you know what, COC wasn’t!!

It’s true that, people are now more interested on playing PUBG instead of playing Clash of Clans.But, you shouldn’t forget that there are over milions people who are deeply addicted to strategy game. And, there is no doubt, COC is the king of strategy game. People are playing COC in a huge number in these days. Yah! In 2018! Rather Supercell is earning a great revenue from it in 2018. Check yourself in the Play Store. They are continuously updating there game.

 Let’s see the most interesting thing of my topic. I have found a topic on COC forum. 

COC forum. COC isn't a dead game

There a man asked -“COC is dead or nor in 2018?”

Let’s check its reply on the forum : 

 Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 1

Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 2

Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 3

Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 4

Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 5

 Now, What’s your opinion? Is it really dead? To me, It’s not dead actually. It will be always in the first place for the strategy game lovers. 

The game plan of COC is a master piece.Strategy gamers won’t leave it behind unless it did any major wrong in the field. 

Yah, It’s also true, most of the player who left COC is because of the update where they added second village to manage. It was also a heart breaking moment for me. It’s too time killing way to upgrade a townhall to another. When they added the other village, It was the most frustrating moment for all of the COC lovers.

Many of us left COC. But there are a lot of COC lovers on the field who keep the game alive.

So,To me, Nope, COC isn’t a dead game in 2018. It’s one of the best strategy game.


Well, I wonder, How you could think, I will compare them! COC is a strategy game. On the other hand, PUBG (Player Unknown Battlefield) is a battle royal game. We can’t compare them! To a battle lover, PUBG must be placed in the top list. Both game showed us theirs popularity. There is no doubt, PUBG will lead the next 10 years on mobile battle field game section.The best thing of PUBG that I love is People are talking directly while playing the game. This feature is one of greatest dimension in mobile game.


However, This is my personal views on this topic. If you have any issues to talk about this topic paste your opinion in the comment section.

Thank You.


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Is COC Dead Now? PUBG vs COC 2019 6

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