How to Make Free Youtube Custom Thumbnile in Mobile

make free youtube video thumbnile

Youtube custom thumbnile plays a very important role for making a video popular.But, many of us don’t know how to create youtube custom thumbnile.Today I will share you the tutorial how to make free Youtube Custom Thumbnile

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A thumbnile is the the cover of your youtube video.By using video thumbnile, you can make your video popular.Therefore,No one will click on your video unless they feel interest on your video and video thumbnile does the same thing. For example: Two videos are showing same video & same title. The first one isn’t showing any custom thumbnile & showing the default generated youtube thumbnile & also doesn’t looking good. One the other hand, the second one has custom thumbnile and it has an outstanding youtube video cover ( custom thumbnile). What will you do? Obviously, You will click one second one.

I hope, you are now understanding the importance of youtube custom thumbnile.

Benifit of custom video thumbnile

Custom Thumbnile on Mobile

If you look at the analysis, you will find that most of the people are running their youtube channel by their own mobile. There are many tutorials on the internet showing how to create youtube thumbnile on pc but a few shows the way to create youtube custom thumbile by your own android device. You can create your custom youtube thumbnile in many ways. Let’s discuss some best ways to create your professional YouTube custom thumbnile.

Create Custom Thumbnile by Apps

There are many mobile apps which claim to make a custom thumbnile for you. But I will mention top 3 apps to make youtube custom thumbnile below.

  • Canva

Canva is one of the best mobile app to create professional images. You will find a lots of template to make your image project.However ,here you can make custom thumbnile for your youtube video.Simply install the app & search for youtube thumbnile. You will get thousandss of free templates to make your custom youtube thumbnile. Canva is one of the best app to make free youtube custom thumbnile and you can give it a professional look.

custom video thumbnile by Canva

Download Canva on Playstore: Canva

  • PixelLab

PixelLab is one of the best app where you can make your free youtube custom thumbnile. You can also make your youtube cover art from here. I will describe in next post how to make cover art by pixellab.

You have to simply download the app.After that,go to image size & click youtube custom thumbnile.You will get a lot of option to design your youtube thumbnile. PixelLab provides many great features to its customer to make professional youtube thumbnile from their mobile.

pixellab-create video thumbnile free

Download PixelLab on Playstore: PixelLab

  • Picsart

Picsart is one of the most popular editing apps for mobile user and you will be very glad to know that you can easily make beautiful youtube custom thumbnile by it. Picsart is very easy to use and it gives many great feature to help you to make your first professional custom thumbnile.

You need to set up first image size to make custom thumbnile from Picsart. The default youtube custom thumbnile size is 1280 x 720. Set up this configuration & you arre ready to go with your custom thumbnile.

make youtube thumbnile by Picsart

Download Picsart on Playstore: Picsart

How to Create Custom Thumbnile Online

Well,Let me clear one thing, It’s very easy to use apps to make custom thumbnile.But,in online you can find a lot of creative templates to make your custom thumbnile. I’m mentioning some online best free youtube custom thumbnile maker website here.

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  • Spark

Spark gives a lot of variety to make a massive custom thumbnile for you. Simply you have to browse their catagory that matches your video catagory. You don’t need any design skill to make custom thumbnile there. Simply select the provided designs and change your text & pictures.

Spark is very easy to use & the best thing is, you don’t need any skill to make your custom youtube video thumbnile.

Create Logo from Spark–>

  • Fotojet

Fotojet let you select a design from huge collection of templates. You can make your video thumbnile for free in Fotojet. It’s main attraction is it works with a mobile friendly way.

Visit Fotojet–>

  • Snappa

Make your free youtube video thumbnile in 60 seconds. Snappa is one of the best player in this field.Therefore,Snappa gives you the chance to male your unlimited free custom thumbnile for your youtube videos with lots of amazing templates & generator.

Visit Snappa–>

I hope, You are now so happy that you can make your free custom thumbnile from your android device. Don’t forget to put your opinion in the comment box. Stay connected.

Thank You.

How to Make Free Youtube Custom Thumbnile in Mobile 1

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How to Make Free Youtube Custom Thumbnile in Mobile 1

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