Reliable leaks and information about 5G baseband Samsung Galaxy note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The only real news we have heard so far about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is, that apparently it will have a 6.66-inch screen. And we have heard about it twice.
That’s larger from 6.4 inches on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and even though we’d take this with a grain of salt it’s convincing, given that phone screens keep getting larger and finer.
It not confirmed though rumor has it that Samsung Galaxy note 10 is given the codename of ‘Da vinci’.it is going to be the the state-of-the-art and greatest smartphone in the famous big-phone Note squad.

As we all know that Leonardo da Vinci was a world’s celebrated painter that could be a clue that upgrades to the S Pen can be expected, however precisely what those upgrades would be is vague. Leonardo da Vinci was also a chemist and a musician, in short he was multitalented, so this could by the same token be a suggestion that the Note 10 will be a very versatile and resourceful phone. It is shaping up to be a device of dreams.

There’s good reason the display is going to be so large. The device will likely propose an edge-to-edge design , means that the ratio of screen-to-body of Note 10 will be higher than previous Galaxy phones —And the phone will have a body of similar size that will offer a bigger and better display

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Are the looks of Galaxy S10’s going to differ from the Galaxy S8 and S9?

It seems so, but some interesting changes has been made to attract us. It looks like the bezels around the screen will be minimalized that it will look like almost disappearing. Most particularly, there are no cutouts for the camera or speaker at the top. we expect the screen to have a “punch hole” that holds the camera. Furthermore, the edges of the screen may or may not have the distinct curves that are usually appreciated in Galaxy S phones. Nonetheless, this may just be because of the screen protector design, instead of Samsung’s phone design.

We cannot agree more that the display on the Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be striking.

5G ready Samsung galaxy note 10:

5G network is approaching with in few months and beginning from 2019, we should see the successor to the present 4G network being used on many smartphones from different manufacturers.

5G is the fifth generation of network connectivity and while the software part of the technology is already being tested by companies and several network carriers, the hardware part is expected to be all set to be shipped and used on various smartphones in the first half of 2019. The upcoming 5G network will however not be limited to phones only though. The technology will also be inaugurated on accessories like AR and VR devices, cars, as well as smart home appliances and devices.

This device is scheduled for a Q1 2019 release date and thousands of rumors leaks and assumptions are going on that, Samsung galaxy note 10 is going to be first 5G ready smart phone. “Galaxy S” series device will be the 10th-anniversary prize from Samsung.Apart from having 5G compatibility, a lot of other rumors are going on. For example, Samsung will reportedly use Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor on the S10. In addition to that, a variant of device will come in a ceramic back covering.

Following the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 in autumn 2018, Samsung’s next leading smartphone launch is set to be the Galaxy S10 in 2019.With the Galaxy S10’s release date fast approaching, it’s safe to say the S10 leaks, news and rumors are getting infectious, and we’re finally beginning to get our hands on some concrete details. Let’s have a look at the absolute latest.

RAM and Exynos 9820 merchandising revealed? Galaxy S10 Specs:

As last year drew to a close, a bolt from the blue broke out on November 29, 2018, proposing that the highest-end Galaxy S10 model might offer a up till now unheard of 12GB of RAM – and the equally Phenomenal option of on-board storage of 1TB.

Gossip-mongering was superseded by cold hard news on November 14, when Samsung publicized its next-gen Exynos 9820 chip. It’s the SoC that’s set to fly the Galaxy S10 in a number of significant markets, including the UK, and offers treasure chest of information about Samsung’s next flagship.

we can reliably anticipate the Galaxy S10 to be Samsung’s most power-efficient and resourceful phone yet and offer enhanced battery life, even if it doesn’t offer cutting-edge 7nm chips like the Apple A12 Bionic.

The Galaxy S10 will also be expected to offer 8K video recording at 30fps and improved 4K recording at 150fps, based on the Exynos 9820’s specs, as well as hinting at a triple camera system alike the Huawei P20 Pro as its ISP supports up to five sensors.

Latest News: Galaxy S10 display and colours revealed at SDC 2018?

Reliable leaks and information about 5G baseband Samsung Galaxy note 10 1

The Samsung Developer Conference 2018 served up a bunch of exciting Galaxy S10 crumbs.On November 7, the company may have let slip a number of new Galaxy S10 colour options as part of its OneUI reveal. It has a new UX design , making the black, silver, pink, blue and mint green devices shown as part of Samsung’s SDC presentation on OneUI potentially highly revealing. Note also that the unidentified test devices appear to feature a headphone jack, which throws into doubt previous rumours the Galaxy S10 will see Samsung kill the 3.5mm audio port.

Release date and price of Samsung Galaxy S10:

Samsung Galaxy S10 will not release until 2019. Trustworthy informant Ice Universe believes that Samsung will announce the intangible foldable Galaxy X at CES in January, leaving MWC – where Samsung usually announces the latest Galaxy S series smartphones – free for the Galaxy S10 in February.

In terms of pricing, expect the Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus to be at the prouder end of the market. The Galaxy S9 officially starts at £739, however the S9 Plus can’t be yours for less than £839, so don’t rule out a base RRP of up to £799 for the S10 & £899 for the S10 Plus.

That was all we knew up till now about the epic upcoming Samsung Galaxy note 10.

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