How to show Auto Ads inside the post

How to show Auto Ads inside Posts

We all know the importance of showing ads inside the post as organic traffic mostly comes from our blog posts.There is a high chance to get good CTR from those ads that are displayed inside the post. But many of us don’t know how to show auto ads inside the post and therefore, I’m going to show you todays how to do it.

Why We should Add Ads inside Post

Well,When people will search something on the search engine & comes to your website, they will first meet your post not your homepage. So,It’s known to all that,by inserting an ad inside the post gives the most CTR rate.Moreever, it will help you to increase the earning rate from your ads. People are using AdSense,,Propellerads and more advertising networks ads to their website but don’t know how to add ads in the post.

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Why Auto Ads?

If you are running a blogging website, it’s so important for you to set auto ads.Because,In a blogging website we used to update content regularly.It will be so boring and a time killing way if we copy & paste code in every post. Today, I will solve this issue. You don’t need to add code in every post. Your post will automatically show ads from your advertising networks whatever it’s from AdSense, or anything!

How to Show Auto Ads inside the Post

Well, this post will only work if you are running your website by wordpress. You need to have the right to install wordpress plugin to your website.However, Let’s see how to set auto ads.

For setting up auto ads on your vlog post, you need to install a plugin name ” Ad inserter”

Just follow these below options:

  • Go to your website dashboard and click on Plugin

Wordpress Plugin Option

  • Click on search and search for ” Ad Inserter”

How to Show Auto Ads by Plugin

  • Install the plugin & active it.

How to Add Auto Ads inside The Post

  • Now go to your dashboard and click on settings. You will find the option named “Ad Inserter”. Click on it.

Show Auto Ads by Ad Inserter Plugin

  • Paste the ads code in the block and change your desired settings.

How to insert ads inside post

You are all set. Now you can easily show auto ads to your all post. You can add multiple ads by adsing code in differents block and also you have the option to select where you wanna show your ads. You can even select exact point to show ads by selecting paragraph option.

However, I hope, you are now ready to set up auto ads in your all post by a simple plugin and you enjoyed my article.

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