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Take Pride of Gorgeous Head with Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer Hair Care Tips

[Hare care Tips] The sun has a lot of damaging effects on our hairs and especially in summers, when it is at its glowing best. It is therefore very important and crucial that we take utmost care of our glory during the hot months.

Never let the strong rays of the sun and its heat damage our delicate tresses. Learn here how to take care of our hairs in the scorching heat of the summer months.

#1. Maintain Short and Easy Hairs

The first line of defence starts with keeping the hairs trimmed and easy. It is always better to start with fresh ends, as these are less likely to split under the heat effect. The hairs keep on growing the way they are, meaning split ends further grow the way they are making it look dull and less shiny. During the summers the hairs get effected the same way when we take shower with very hot water. They hair follicles expands and opens making it look dull.
Short and trimmed hairs, make the hairs get rid of damaged ends and it grows healthy right from the start.

#2. Protect from the Heat

If you are one of them who have to remain outside, it won’t be a bad idea to invest in some heat protection for hairs. A hat or some screen protection oil or lotion is not a bad choice. Apart from heat it will also give protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you could not get hold of a cap or hat, you can also try some scarfs or a piece of cloth. It will help your crowning glory breath. Also, don’t forget to tie your hairs neatly and not let them loose.

#3. Use Conditioners to Hydrate

One important aspect of protecting your hairs from the heat, is to keep them hydrated. Look for a conditioner to apply on your hairs that have high moisture contents. Drink plenty of hair and you can never go wrong. You also get hair moisturizer creams and lotions these days that you can apply on your hairs in the night and wash it off in the morning.

Remember to use cold water while you bathe, and never warm or hot water during the summers.

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#4. Use Vitamins and apply Oils

Olive and coconut oils are great for hair care. Apply them on your hairs at least once a week and keep your hairs in good health. Also, during summers our hairs require extra nourishment of vitamins and minerals. Consider some vitamin supplement for your hairs in summers.

We all have different types of hairs, and each type should be taken care of in summers in a separate manner. Let’s understand the hair types and the necessary care they require during the summer months.

  • Fir dry and brittle hair types: Try a shampoo that is nourishing with adequately balanced with UV protectants and moisturizing agents, along with fortifying conditioners. After you have thoroughly rinsed your hairs, apply a cream or liquid based conditioner and serums containing thermal protectants. Keep away from bleaches, hair colours, and other such products.
  • For frizzy hair types: Shampoo the hairs first with a clarifying shampoo, followed by a rich moisturizing one. Rinse it well and immediately apply some rich moisturizing conditioner. It is great for thick and highly textured hairs. Finally rinse the hairs with a light warm hair. Finally, apply a leave-in type conditioner.
  • For dry and itchy scalp types: The hot weather can intensely damage scalps also, making it dry and flaky during summers. Try this at night – use a therapeutic shampoo on the hairs, atleast once a week, followed by a natural shampoo that is sulphate free. After which apply an express conditioner, rinse and pat dry with a towel. Before bedtime apply some scalp treatment cream or oil on the scalp. Use a light shampoo to wash off the hairs in the morning.

The sun has equal capabilities to damage your hairs in summers, as it can to your skin. Follow these tips during the summer months and get equally shiny and bouncy hairs in summers as you get for your skin by taking good care of it.

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