Ten Songs That Can Help You to Get into Arctic Monkeys

artic monkeys top songs

Today day we are going to talk about Arctic monkeys, the band who had banged its way into indie culture. Making its way into one of the most important band that came after 2000. From their debut album Whatever people say that’s I am not (2006) to their latest album Tranquility base hotel and casino (2018) they have evolved a lot. With a lyrical genius front man Alex Turner they have loads of song that can get into your favorite playlist.

1.I bet you look good on the dancefloor- Released on their debut album this track is a fast pace punk rock anthem. Alex turners raspy voice and the upbeat composition will compel you to dance with the beat. Don’t believe the hype.

2.R u mine?- Released on their 5th studio album AM(2013) one of those few tracks that made arctic monkeys get into mainstream music culture. This one is a pure Rock n Roll. Heavy composition along with seductive lyrics can get you fired up any moment.

3.Do I wanna know? – Released on the same album as the previous one, One of the most popular tracks by them. This one is a mix of psychedelic rock and stoner rock. The lyrics on this tune is pretty interesting and will make you play it on repeat. You will know when you play this one.

4.Crying lightning – This one is a personal favorite of mine. With tongue twisting lyrics and hypnotic guitar riff will make you feel like tripping over this one. The lyrics of this song is a total masterpiece. This one was released on their 3rd studio album Humbug (2009).

5.Cornerstone- Another interesting track from the same album as before Humbug. The music video was directed by Richard ayoade where alex turner sings the whole song in a white room holding a microphone with a red sweater on XD. It’s a happy song that will make you feel nostalgic about someone or some place. For me personally I refer this one as the sister shagging song XD.

6. Fluorescent adolescent- Released on their 2nd studio album Favourite worst nightmare (2007) it’s a song about aging and nostalgia youth. I personally love the lyrics on this track.

7.505- A post rock song similar to The smiths composition. Interesting fact is that the intro organ part is taken from Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack for The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It shows the bands love for classical movies. Its particularly a sad song with a feeling of melancholy or distance from the loved one.

8.Piledriver waltz- Released on their 4th studio album Suck it and see (2011), originally intended for the soundtrack for the indie movie Submarine. The composition on this track is a bit softer than the original arctic monkeys version. It was Alex turners first effort as a solo artist. The lyrics on this track is absolute poetry.

9.Four out of five- Released on their latest album this one is a conceptual track. It’s a song about a rock star living in a hotel on Moon. The music video is pretty much inspired by Stanley kubricks cinematography. When you listen to this one you will understand how much the band evolved over time.

10.Too much to ask- It was never released on the original studio album but was released with the track Fluorescent adolescent. It’s one of their most darkest song with a sound that could be played in a shady pub in the 80s after 2 am.

Arctic monkeys are a band who evolved from punk rock to conceptual space rock. I hope you can explore other awesome tracks which I left out.


Muntasir Mansur


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