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Zidane’s come back; Winners and Losers

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 1

Zinedine Zidane‘s return to Real Madrid is exciting, surprising and hugely impactful. His presence back at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium will not only affect members of the current squad, but also potential signings and other elite clubs around Europe.

Here, we take a look at the winners and losers from Zidane‘s return.


Chelsea :

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 2

The fear set in last year that a bid for Eden Hazard may arrive, and there was relief when Madrid made no contact.

But the Belgian forward refused to make any further contract with Chelsea. It could be a big lose for the EPL giant as they are banned from any kind of buying. The Belgian forward expressed that his dream is to wear los blancos jersey. And with the return of Zidane it could be more possible. If Hazard moved to Spain then Chelsea will be in big trouble.

Gareth Bale:

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 3

The Wales man moved to Madrid from Hotspur with a record £100M transfer fee. He is the first 100M worth player of the planet. But his time in the Bernabeu is not going well. He is likely to find a new club. With Zidane returned, Bale will have to search for a new club. But Perez has other ideas. He wants to see Bale and Hazard in the same line up. Reports tell us that, Bale could move to Tottenham again. Also a chance to move to Germany as Bayern Munich is looking for stars because of the lost of Robben and Ribbery. But Bale is happy at Spain. He enjoys to play for the best club. So it would not be a happy move for Bale.

James Rodriguez :

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 4

James Rodriguez has been in good form of late while on loan with Bayern Munich, yet the prospects of him breaking back into the Madrid setup are suddenly slim.

The Columbian man had a good chance of coming back to spain with Solari in the chair. But now as Zidane came back it could be impossible. Though he performed well under Zidane in 54 games. But Zidane don’t like him. Zidane don’t want him to back. Rodriguez has a chance to get permanent in Munich.

Thibaut Courtois :

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 5

Keylor Navas had almost reached the stage where he was ready to accept defeat to Thibaut Courtois and accept he would need to move on, but now there is fresh hope he can become No. 1 for Real Madrid again.

Zidane always had the Costa Rica international’s back at the Bernabeu, believing in him and defending him when the critics came knocking. Many around the club are now convinced Navas will get a chance to oust Courtois.



With Solari is the boss Isco was going to other clubs.

But Isco is Zidane‘s one of the favourite. Zidane‘s come back will definitely a win for Isco. He will get more time while Zidane‘s coaching. Isco said, “Zidane is the first coach who played me in my actual position”.

Zidane's come back; Winners and Losers 6

So it’s definitely a win for Isco.

Luka Modric :

Not at his best during Solari’s reign, Luka Modric was being touted as a high-profile exit in the summer transfer window. Sources now indicate there is no chance he will leave while Zidane attempts to transition the squad back to former glories.

The Ballon d’Or winner is 33 and has certainly begun to think about what the next couple of years hold, with Inter Milan among the clubs interested in signing him.

But With Zidane in the hut, If Modric wants to stay then he stays. Because, He is one of Zidane‘s favourite.

Luca Zidane:

Luca Zidane will be happy to see his old man back. Though he could not be the first choice by overcoming Courtois and Navas but he could get more chance as his father is the boss.

So that’s the effect of Zidane‘s come back in various way. Let’s see what will come up.



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